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What’s Old is New
Coveted Rubies in a New Light!

Looking ahead to 2022, the creatives in the jewelry industry are moving away from the big and sparkly combinations from the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s, and creating sleek modern jewelry that showcases colored gemstones in a new light. Vibrantly colored gems are back in focus and have been constantly growing in popularity over the past few years.

A Season of Celebrations!
Holiday Traditions & Celebrations

Get to know the traditions, celebrations and all-around great fun the Greenland Ruby team is having this holiday season.

Gemstone Origin - A Designers’ Inspiration

Since officially opening our mining operation in 2017, we’ve welcomed a few incredible designers to Aappaluttoq. Exploring the mine and its surroundings as a designer is an invaluable experience and plays an enormous role in telling the story of our rubies and pink sapphires.   

Kitaa Collection - Greenlandic Gemstones and Modern Greenlandic Jewelry

Kitaa - Gemstones of Greenland 
Greenlandic Heritage and Design

Fall in love with Greenlandic Gemstones and Modern Greenlandic Jewelry! We’re excited to introduce KITAA, a new Greenlandic collection of jewels that bring our responsible sourced rubies and pink sapphires to individuals around the world.

Rings Designed by Ulrik Hartmann Made with Responsibly Sourced Blue Sapphires from Greenland Ruby

One-of-a-Kind Sapphires 
Greenland Ruby's Northern Nights

Join us in celebrating September birthdays everywhere by shining a light on Sapphires! What better time to introduce Hartmann’s new Greenlandic Blue Sapphire jewelry collection featuring our unique ‘Northern Nights’ sapphires.

Responsibly Sourced Pink Sapphires from Greenland

September Birthstone

What’s not to love about these exquisite gems? Commonly known to be blue, sapphires actually come in a variety of colors; they can be colorless, yellow, green, orange, black, purple, pink and everything in between. The most sought after and valuable colors are pure velvety blue or orange-pink (known as Padparadscha).  

Loupe & Faceted Ruby from Greenland

Happy Birthday July Babies 

July is Ruby Month! Since the early 1900’s the signs of the zodiac, and more specifically months of birth, have been linked to gemstones. What better time to celebrate the enduring radiance and beauty of rubies than July? 

Rough Rubies Ready for Cutting & Polishing in Greenland

The Odyssey of a Greenlandic Gem 
Explore how our gems came to shine so brightly!

Colored Gemstones have always fascinated us! There’s something so mysterious, and also unbelievable, when you think of what it took for our Earth to create such Treasures. Some buried underground, some found in shallow waters or streams, some scattered in sandy plains or rocky outcrops - we’re all enticed by a gemstone’s color, beauty and radiance.

RubyCloud™ - Access to Thousands of Rubies & Pink Sapphires

Innovating the Gemstone Industry
Keeping the Mystique, Removing the Mystery

People all over the globe have traded gemstones since time immemorial. Imagine a hunter-gatherer seeing a sparkling pebble in the stream and being immediately captivated by its glow and color! Over the centuries, human beings have always shown curiosity and interest in nature’s precious gems, and monetary and trading values became associated with these tiny treasures.

Pomellato | Ring Made with Greenlandic Ruby

In Reverence of Nature
Earth Day and Sustainability

This Earth Day we get to celebrate more than just the revival of nature as the world starts to emerge from lockdowns and isolation. With longer days and warmer weather, as nature comes back to life we are reminded of the bond we have with all that surrounds us, our friends and family, as well as our Mother Earth. Join us on a journey from Earth Day to sustainability our commitment to the future! This Earth Day is specifically significant for us, as we celebrate the new an iconic design by Pomellato.