Greenland Ruby Celebrates 5 Years!

July Birthdays with Rubies from Greenland! 

Gemstones have always been associated with mystical powers and linked to personal traits. Since the 1900’s the signs of the zodiac, and more specifically months of birth, have been connected to gemstones. Rubies, with their fiery red energy have been assigned for JULY!

Make a sparkling statement and celebrate your loved one’s birthday with a Greenlandic Ruby!

Greenlandic Ruby Diamond Cuts

What’s Old is New

These dazzling red gems are considered one of the rarest of the world’s most precious gemstones. Humans have treasured them since antiquity, mainly for their believed talismanic properties, healing abilities and divine power. Though the rubies from Greenland are a recent discovery, they sit on the shoulders of an extensive and entrancing history.

From the oldest ruby deposit in the world, at nearly 3 billion years old, our fiery gems come from a pristine arctic location in the Southwest of Greenland. Inspired by the majestic icy landscape surrounding the mine, jewelry designers have reimagined these gems through a modern lens and transformed them into intricate and stylish jewelry.

Rubies from Greenland


These red gems are mined in a few locations around the world, such as Burma (Myanmar), Malawi, Madagascar, Mozambique, U.S.A, and Greenland, the most recent discovery. While the rubies from Greenland are chemically similar to gems found in other locations, they are distinctly different. Identified by gem labs by their the trance element chemistry, each gemstone tells a unique story of its journey through time and temperature.

The Greenland Ruby gems are found in Aappaluttoq, {Ah-puh-lu-tok} meaning ‘Red’ in Greenlandic, named after the rock formations in this arctic landscape. Locals in the have known about these rubies for centuries and appropriately named the ruby-bearing rock “RED”.

Several rubies next to a briefcase
Greenlandic Ruby Cabochons
Mineral Specimen from Aappaluttoq
Credit: Vincent Pardieu

Mineral Specimens from Aappaluttoq

In honor of our 5th anniversary this year, Greenland Ruby just launched the Mineral Specimens from Aappaluttoq, making these unique rubies in matrix available for collectors and passionate gemologists and geologists.

Picked directly from the pit or from the conveying belt, each unique specimen highlights nature’s incredible ability to create beauty in the roughest of environments.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate your July birthday than with a Greenlandic ruby, or one of our specimen treasures!

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