Greenland Ruby Celebrates 5 Years!

Greenland Ruby Celebrates 5 Years!

May marks our 5th Anniversary and we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate Greenland Ruby’s innovative approach and dedication to responsible sourcing by highlighting our legacy so far.

Follow us through the path of discovery!

Greenlandic corundum from Aappaluttoq
Credit: Vincent Pardieu

Fire Under Ice – An Incredible Discovery! 

The story of the Greenlandic gems starts nearly 3 billion years ago, as the crystals begin to form in the Southwest of the island. Journeying through time, temperature and pressure the corundum present in the rock has fascinated indigenous people who lived in the region. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the ruby-bearing rock was officially documented by GEUS (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland). Aappaluttoq, meaning RED in Greenlandic is the name given to the region that holds the fire under ice.

Untouched Pristine Environment


Following feasibility studies and exploration, in 2016 Greenland Ruby received the mining license from the Government of Greenland and entered a strong partnership with the Ministry of Mineral Resources. With incredible precision and innovative approach, the mine started production in May 2017 and first customers were able to see and buy these icy treasures in person at the Hong Kong show in September that year.

Greenland Ruby’s mining operation and it’s icy surroundings
Credit: Vincent Pardieu
Nicola wearing Hartmann’s jewels featuring Greenlandic rubies and sapphires.
Credit: Anthony Friend

Inspiration and Design – Jewelry Collection  

Surrounded by mountains and majestic fjords, the exotic location of the Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires, is an inspiration for many designers. Partnering with high-end Scandinavian retailer Hartmann’s in 2018, the exclusive launch of the first jewelry collection featuring our Greenlandic gems is an incredible success, selling out before the Christmas holidays.  

A New Source of the Oldest Gem


RUBIES, the oldest and most coveted gems in the world, now come from a unique, new and exciting location. Inspired by the sparkling gems and the landscape surrounding their location, jewelry designers Victor Velyan, Marla Aaron, Erica Courtney start featuring our gems in their signature designs. By 2019, Greenland Ruby establishes itself as a major player in the colored gemstone industry.  

Reimagining rubies through bold designs
A New Source of Ruby for the World

From Greenland to the World 

Moving beyond the traditional way of trading gems, the lockdown in 2020 showed Greenland Ruby’s resilience by quickly pivoting to an online and digital sales platform. The company also increased our already global presence with a sales office in Paris and a greatly expanded processing and production facility in Bangkok.   

With these foundations firmly in place, Greenland Ruby leads the way in responsible sourcing, transparency and traceability in the colored gemstone industry.  

Greenland Ruby also executed a long-term financing agreement with Nebari Natural Resources Credit Fund, a financier in the mining sector. With the new financing, mining continues at the current site, and activity begins at other licensed locations, where exciting exploration results have already been recorded. 

Variety and Style

The deposit yields a wide range of colors, from deep ruby red, known as ‘Pigeon Blood’ in the industry, to light and icy pink. Perfect in elegant or modern styles, the gems catch the attention of Original Designs (ODI) , who launched their LoveFire collection in 2021. The designs make rubies available to a new generation of jewelry buyers who are not only concerned with design and craftsmanship, but who prioritize sustainability and responsibility.

LoveFire collection designed by Original Designs (ODI)
Sponsorship ceremony with the PinkPolarBear Foundation and Amitsialak Workshop

PinkPolarBear Foundation – Social Impact  

Initiated by Greenland Ruby, the PinkPolarBear Foundation made two sponsorships in 2021 focused on preserving culture and supporting education. With the goal of giving back to the community at the source of these gems, the funds went to the Amitsialak Workshop – dedicated to preserving Greenlandic craftsmanship & traditions; and an exclusive partnership with the Ilisimatusarfik’s (University of Greenland) Ph.D. program to sponsor research projects.

Commitment to Responsible Sourcing 

January 2022 marked the achievement of another milestone for Greenland Ruby, by becoming the first colored gemstone mining operation to be certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. The certification not only covers the mining operation but it extends to other areas including Human Rights, Responsible Supply Chain and Labor Rights as well as the Social Impact in the community at the source of the Greenlandic gems. 

Greenland Ruby is a certified member of the RJC
Welcome to RubyCloud, your exclusive source of Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires

Introducing RubyCloud™ – Rubies and Sapphires at your Fingertips 

In 2022 Greenland Ruby entered a new digital era of gemstone trading  with the launch of RubyCloud™, an industry game-changer. Through this exclusive B –to-B online platform, an extensive inventory of cut and polished, responsibly sourced gems are made available to jewelry manufacturers, designers, and retailers.  

Greenland Ruby’s new online marketplace is accessible 24/7 and is constantly updated as each new gem becomes available for sale, offering thousands of rubies and pink sapphires, and featuring 360-degree video views and high-quality, “true-to-the-eye” photos. 

During the last 5 years Greenland Ruby has built a strong foundation for an exciting future! Through our commitment to transparency and responsible mining, we continue to be a leading example in the colored gemstone industry and look forward to strengthening partnerships with industry stakeholders from mine-to-market.  

Happy 5th Anniversary!

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