Greenlandic Rubies & Pink Sapphires for Valentine’s Day

Ruby Hearts for Valentine’s Day!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Greenland Ruby and our heart-shaped rubies and pink sapphires! Hearts have long been recognized not just as a symbol of LOVE but also sentimentality, passion, charity, and joy. Greenland Ruby’s fiery gems, formed nearly 3 billion years ago in the icy landscape of the arctic, symbolize the enduring love we hold for our family, friends and loved ones.

LOVE in its many forms has fascinated peoples throughout time, and deities have been imagined in all mythologies, from the Greek’s Aphrodite and Eros, the Roman’s Cupid, to Egypt’s Hathor and the Viking’s Freyja. Songs, plays, stories, paintings, sculptures, palaces and jewelry, the evidence of intense love can be found and felt in all human history.

Scattered heart rubies
Greenlandic Heart Cabochons – Credit: Anthony Friend

The Story Behind the Heart

The ancient Greek philosophers linked the heart with our strongest emotions, but the Romans took love into the mainstream, with Venus the goddess of love, and Cupid whose arrows pierced lover’s hearts.

Other cultures took on different connotations for the heart, in India it symbolizes the universe, in China it’s a fiery energy and the heart in the human body mirrors the position of the sun in relation to the universe. Egyptians recognize the heart as a container and key to entering the afterlife as their heart would be weighed against the feather of truth and justice.

It wasn’t until 1300’s France that the heart was forever linked with the idea of romantic love, and starts appearing on luxury items like brooches, pendants, rings, and tapestries. Medieval times saw the heart icon going viral and our feelings towards this juicy shape haven’t changes since.

From Valentine’s Day to Modern Love

Unlike popular belief, Valentine’s Day has been around for ages – since Saint Valentine of Rome was added to the catholic calendar to be commemorated on February 14th. The synergy of this day with love became more popular in the 17th century when mostly French, English and Americans would give a few anonymous lines on a piece of paper to their lovers. Over the years, these few lines of verse transformed into luxury gifts, chocolates and stuffed animals.

Danish Jeweler Hartmann’s “Double Love” collection is a tribute to LOVE and the Greenlandic Rubies and Sapphires. The 10 jewelry pieces in the collection bring our 3-billion-year-old heart cabs to life! Forged in the harsh Greenlandic environment, the hearts were hand-picked by Hartmann’s and transformed into exquisite pieces of jewelry at once modern and timeless.

Hartmann’s “Double Love” collection reflects the love for beautifully shaped Greenlandic ruby hearts and stylish Scandinavian design.

Heart earrings
Hartmann’s ‘Double Love’ Collection
A heart-shaped ring
Hartmann’s ‘Double Love’ Collection
Heart-shaped rubies surrounded by ice
Greenlandic Ruby and Pink Sapphire Hearts – Credit: Anthony Friend


 In March 2020, our world came to a complete standstill: shops and restaurants were shuttered, flights canceled, businesses closed. We were ordered to stay home and keep distance from others, wear facemasks and wash hands…. our lives were turned upside down. We did all of this in the name of LOVE, love for ourselves and for our fellow human beings. We all just stopped! 

Through the long days and months that followed, Greenland Ruby was inspired by the symbols of love that were popping up everywhere, showing much needed support, strength, togetherness. We wondered what we could do – the #THISISLOVE campaign was born. 

Greenland Ruby heart-shaped cabochons are cut in calibrated sizes, 4, 5, 6, and 7mm, and come in a variety of colors, from deep dark red (almost black) to light and icy pink. Each gem comes with a Card of Authenticity and is an opportunity for you to show YOUR love and support. As with all Greenland Ruby gems, a percentage of sales goes to the PinkPolarBear Foundation so you can spread LOVE in more ways than one!

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