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Greenlandic Rubies for Fine Jewelry Designers, Brands and Manufacturers

Intense Color, High-Quality Gemstones for Your Best Looks

Elevate your custom and prestige designs with Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires. Available in cabochon from (size range) as well as faceted, our gemstones look spectacular in traditional, contemporary, and cutting-edge designs.

Our Aappaluttoq mine is producing a large volume of intensely colored, high-quality gem material. We support individual fine jewelry design houses as well as brands and manufacturing jewelers. Greenland Ruby is proud to present a sampling of the beautiful work that the world’s best jewelry artisans have created with our gemstones.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The First Collection to Feature Greenlandic Rubies and Pink Sapphires

In 2018, Ulrik Hartmann, founder of Hartmann’s, made a historic trip to the Aappaluttoq mine. Intrigued and entranced by the opportunity to introduce Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires to the European luxury buyer, Hartmann created a 90-piece collection featuring 300 carats of top-quality stones. Prices for pieces in the collection range from $1,500 – $45,000.

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