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Greenlandic Rubies for Fine Jewelry Designers, Brands and Manufacturers

Intense Color, High-Quality Gemstones for Your Best Looks

Elevate your custom and prestige designs with Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires. Available in calibrated cabochons as well as faceted, our gemstones look spectacular in traditional, contemporary, and cutting-edge designs.

Our Aappaluttoq mine is producing a large volume of intensely colored, high-quality gem material. We support individual fine jewelry design houses as well as brands and manufacturing jewelers. Greenland Ruby is proud to present a sampling of the beautiful work that the world’s finest jewelry artisans have created with our gemstones.


Copenhagen, Denmark

The First Collection to Feature Greenlandic Rubies and Pink Sapphires

In 2018, Ulrik Hartmann, founder of Hartmann’s, made a historic trip to the Aappaluttoq mine. Intrigued and entranced by the opportunity to introduce Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires to the European luxury buyer, Hartmann created a 90-piece collection featuring 300 carats of top-quality stones. Prices for pieces in the collection range from $1,500 – $45,000.

Amarin Jewels by Haneen

Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Najd Collection – integrating the uniqueness, and richness of the Arabian culture into each whimsical design.

Launched in 2020 the jewelry collection featuring our beautiful gems was inspired by the heritage and architecture of the Najd routes and Saudi Arabia’s rich culture.

Including 13 pieces of gold jewelry, the prices for pieces in the collection range from $1700 to $5900.

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Erica Courtney

United States

Drop Dead Gorgeous® Ruby Cocktail Ring featuring a 24ct Greenlandic Ruby

A one of a kind piece of jewelry, the ruby ring dreamed by Erica Courtney is part of the signature Drop Dead Gorgeous® collection, adorned with vivid colored jewels, whimsical designs and intricate details, it seduces one with the perfect blend of feminine charm and attraction.

Marla Aaron

United States

Incredible Bead Necklace featuring our ruby ‘Polar Spheres’

Marla Aaron launched her eponymous collection in 2013, inspired by her combined obsessions with bridges, hardware and jewelry. The collection is proudly made and finished by hand in New York City and sold all over the world. Part of Marla Aaron’s creative jewelry, the bead necklace is a favorite among her clients and can be found in independent boutiques around the world.



NUVOLA RUBY ring in Fairmined gold with Greenland Ruby

The free-spirited Nuvola collection is Pomellato’s alternative interpretation of the classic solitaire ring. In 2021 the Maison added to previous diamond versions with the arrival of a new solitaire ring showcasing a deep red, responsibly sourced Greenland ruby.

Nuvola Ruby is available in selected Pomellato Boutiques. For more info, please contact

Victor Velyan

United States

Gorgeous Ring, Bracelet and Earrings created with the rubies from Greenland

With nearly 40 years in the jewelry industry and 25+ years as a manufacturer, Victor Velyan’s designs leave a mark on everyone they meet. Velyan’s work – which is inspired by travel, culture, music, architecture, history, fine art, and his second home, Africa – captures Mother Nature in her freest form with innovative gemstone and metal designs unlike any other in today’s world of jewelry. Vic’s trip to Greenland in 2018 inspired his one-of-a kind collection with our Greenlandic rubies.

YAEL Designs

United States

Two one-of-a-kind rings centering some of the oldest, and rarest gemstones on Earth from Greenland Ruby

YAEL Designs was founded by the visionary designer Yehouda Saketkhou, known for creating award-winning one-of-a-kind fine jewelry pieces that reflect his unstoppable imagination and possess exceptional quality meant to last for generations. These joyful split shank rings featuring Greenland ruby cabochons are surrounded by a halo of diamonds, contrasted with marquise and pear shaped ruby clusters.

Ruth Taubman

United States

Earrings and ring in 18k gold featuring Greenlandic ruby cabochons and faceted amethyst

Known for her dazzling work in rare gemstones, colored golds, and South Sea and freshwater pearls, Ruth Taubman is one of the few women jewelry designers who is also an accomplished goldsmith.

SIGNIFIBAND by Elena Kreigner

United States

SIGNIFIBAND Collection – versatile charm featuring one of our unique heart shaped Greenland rubies.

With her distinct style and her love for technical challenges and versatile ways of changing and moving pieces, Elena started her own workshop in the Austrian village where she grew up, and created one-of-a-kind signature pieces for a private clientele. Now creating jewelry from her Chelsea Studio in New York City, the heart rubies from Greenland make a great match to her imagination.

Tua Mea – Handmade Jewelry


Hugging Teddy Gold featuring a special pink heart shaped sapphire, from Greenland Ruby

TuaMea gives you the unique opportunity to dedicate a piece of jewelry to the memory of a place you hold dear. Marianne Molgaard is the Danish designer and jeweler behind the beautiful jewelry of TuaMea.


United States

Inspired by catholic faith and build around the message of love, each piece is created in 31Four’s Florida studio using the ancient art of lost wax casting.


United States

Featuring both our rubies and pink sapphires in two inspiring collections, LoveFire and PolarPink.

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