The Journey of Rubies & Pink Sapphires from Greenland to You

The Journey of Your Gem

Discover Greenland Ruby’s Fresh Approach to Mine-to-Market Traceability, Responsibility & Environmental Best Practices

Close to the coast and accessible only by helicopter in winter months, Greenland Ruby’s Aappaluttoq [Ah-puh-lu-tok] mine is nestled within arctic mountains in the Southwest of Greenland, and hosts a natural beauty many have dreamt of, but few had the opportunity to experience… until now.

Behind the Mine: Responsibly-Sourced Rubies & Pink Sapphires

When Greenland Ruby was awarded the license to mine and market the rubies and pink sapphires from Greenland and began operations in 2017, we knew we had discovered a rare and unique opportunity to set a higher standard for responsible mining practices in our industry.

In this report, you’ll understand:

The step-by-step journey taken by every Greenland Ruby gemstone before becoming a treasured addition to your customer’s jewelry collection.

Our formal track-and-trace mine-to-market program approved by the Greenlandic Government and its value-add for retailers.

What makes our rubies and pink sapphires ‘gems for a new generation’ and how this affects your bottom line?

Ways to sell the experience of traceability to socially conscious consumers.