Fall in love with our Pink Sapphires this September.

September is all about Sapphires 

Sapphire, known also as the Wisdom Stone, is the birthstone for September representing intelligence, education, and the ability to make wise and good choices.

Fall in love with our Pink Sapphires this September.

Greenlandic Ruby Pink Sapphires

All about Pink this Fall Season!

Why do we love our pink sapphires? Well, pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others, thought to bring harmony and inner peace. Though not one of the primary colors, pink is a less saturated and the sweet side of red.

Over the years, pink has become synonymous with many causes and emotions, taking on different identities depending on culture and time. Its symbolism is complex, and its popularity is subject to so many influences.

What’s not to love about these exquisite pink gems?

Greenlandic Sapphires


Commonly known to be blue, sapphires actually come in a variety of colors; they can be colorless, yellow, green, orange, black, purple, pink and everything in between. The most sought after and valuable colors are pure velvety blue or orange-pink (known as Padparadscha).

At our mine in Aappaluttoq, Greenland, we are lucky to find a wide variety of pink sapphires, ranging from stunning intense hot to icy pink, as well as gems in shades of blue, black, gray and purple – these we call our ‘Northern Lights’.

Greenlandic Ruby Cabochon Pink Sapphires by Vincent Pardieu
Mineral Specimen from Aappaluttoq
Credit: Vincent Pardieu

See our Gems in Person!

Heading into the Fall season, Greenland Ruby is excited to be participating in three leading trade shows this month– bringing our responsibly sourced rubies and pink sapphires to Bangkok, Vicenza, and Singapore. Will we be seeing you at any of these shows? Stop by to say hi and take a closer look at our 3 billion years old arctic treasures!

Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 7-11 September BOOTH NO. S59

VICENZAORO 9-13 September PAD. 3, BOOTH 161

Jewellery & Gem WORLD Singapore 27-30 September BOOTH NO. 6833

We will also be introducing Greenland Ruby at a presentation in Singapore on September 28th at 3pm in the Opal Room, Singapore Expo!

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