Heart-Shaped Rubies & Pink Sapphires Celebrate Love

Offering consistent supply of rich red ruby and hot pink sapphire, for designers’ and brands’ jewelry assortment needs.

In March of 2020, our lives turned upside down. When the Covid-19 crisis called for us to distance ourselves from one another, we did so, knowing that keeping our distance meant protecting ourselves and our fellow human beings, all in the name of LOVE.

Throughout the pandemic, people around the globe began using the universally known heart shape to send strength and support to frontline workers who put their lives at risk day in and day out. In awe of and inspired by this global display of love, we began forging our Greenland rubies and pink sapphires into heart-shaped cabochons, and the #THISISLOVE campaign was born.

Selling #ThisIsLove Heart-Shaped Ruby & Pink Sapphire Cabochons

Today, our heart-shaped cabochons serve as the quintessential gems for jewelry designs created with love in mind.

Upon downloading this report, you’ll discover:

  • Different types of Love and how #ThisIsLove appeals to shoppers motivated by each
  • Statistics and findings on consumer-purchasing behaviors that solidify #ThisIsLove as your next successful campaign
  • Insights on the versatility of each heart-shaped ruby and pink sapphire cabochon for jewelry design
  • Ideas for how to sell #ThisIsLove to your customers
  • And more!

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