Responsible Source – Greenland Ruby

Greenland Ruby gems are mined by adhering to strict ethical, social, human rights, and environmental laws and responsible practices. After mining, the company transports the gems to Greenland Ruby’s advanced, state-of-the art sorting facility, where they are cleaned and sorted. Our local work force at both sites enjoys all the protections and working conditions guaranteed by Greenlandic law.

Greenland Ruby gems come with a certificate of origin authorized and issued by the Government of Greenland, guaranteeing that the gems are mined in a country that has an excellent human rights record, is environmentally responsible, and boasts a stable government and economy.

Our gems can also be tracked along every step of their journey, from mine to sort house; to preferred partners’ workshops for treatment, cutting, and polishing; and then on to jewelry designers, manufacturers, brands, retailers, and end consumers. Preferred partners will have the exclusive rights to cut, polish and distribute gems, and will be tasked with carrying through to consumers the Greenland Ruby branding message.

Greenland Ruby’s intention is to ensure that 10 percent of the mine’s material remains in Greenland for the tourist and local market. Eventually the company hopes to begin cutting and polishing operations in Greenland, to increase the benefits of the resource for the Greenlandic people. is an initiative by Greenland Ruby to support international polar research in all disciplines, especially protecting the inhabitants (animal and human) of Greenland, who are affected by climate change and accompanying cultural changes.