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RubyCloud™ is Greenland Ruby’s online marketplace dedicated to jewelry professionals only. Offering thousands of rubies and pink sapphires, and featuring 360-degree video views and high-quality, “true-to-the-eye” photos, find the perfect stone for your next collection.

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Discover Greenland Ruby’s fresh approach to Mine-to-Market Traceability, Responsible Sourcing and Environmental Best Practices.

Close to the coast in a pristine and icy landscape, Greenland Ruby’s Aappaluttoq [Ah-puh-lu-tok] mine, meaning RED in Greenlandic, is nestled within the arctic mountains in the Southwest of Greenland. At nearly 3 billion years old, the rock formation hosts a natural beauty many have dreamt of, but few had the opportunity to experience… until now.


RubyCloud™ is Greenland Ruby’s virtual marketplace and can be accessed by gem and jewelry professionals only. 

Forged from the Arctic ice of Greenland, our heart-shaped ruby and pink sapphire cabochons melt even the coldest hearts and serve as a perfect reminder of the power of LOVE. Though rubies have long been associated with love and passion, we tend to forget that love comes in many forms and applies to all different types of bonds and relationships.