Greenland Ruby

Announcing a New, Responsible Source of Ruby and Pink Sapphire from Greenland Ruby

Unearthed at a pristine mine site in Aappaluttoq [“Ah-puh-lu-tok”], Greenland, in corundum bearing rock that geologists believe is in the oldest rock formation on earth.

Mined, cut, and polished adhering to ethical, social, human rights, and environmental laws and responsible practices. Trackable from mine-to-market.

Offering consistent supply of rich red ruby and hot pink sapphire, for designers’ and brands’ jewelry assortment needs.

Aappaluttoq… Greenlanders’ word for red.

“In the middle of our primal mountains, there is red.”

Mille Schiøtt Kongstad, Greenland Ruby staff geologist.
She is holding rough from the Aappaluttoq mine.
Photo courtesy Vincent Pardieu.