Greenland Ruby's Holiday Gift Guide!

Greenland Ruby’s Holiday Gift Guide

The end of the year is special for countless cultures and people around the world! From Saint Nicholas Day and Christmas to St. Lucia Day, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, Omisoka and many others, families and loved ones look forward to gathering at this time of year. Exchanging gifts just adds more magic to the season.

We thought we could help you pick the perfect present for your loved ones.

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From Greenland all Around the World 

The icy and pristine Greenlandic landscape plays host to our responsibly sourced rubies and pink sapphires. Believed to be the oldest rubies on Earth, these artic treasures are nearly 3 billion years old. Each gem tells of a unique journey through time and temperature and comes with a Certificate of Origin.

Our unique gems have found their way into the hands of jewelry designers and retailers around the world, who’ve transformed these sparkling rubies and pink sapphires into stunning pieces of jewelry.

Looking for a casual style ruby necklace or a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, we think you will find the perfect gift this end of the year.


The First Collection to Feature Greenlandic Gems In 2018, Ulrik Hartmann, founder of Hartmann’s, made a historic trip to the Aappaluttoq mine. Intrigued and entranced by the opportunity to introduce Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires, Hartmann created a 90-piece collection featuring 300 carats of top-quality stones. Buzzing with history, elegance and exquisite Scandinavian design, the Greenlandic Blue Sapphire Collection and The Fancy White exclusive bracelet collection reflect the diversity in colors found in our Greenlandic gems.

Looking for a unique engagement ring, modern blue sapphire necklace or an elegant pair of earrings, Hartmann’s has the perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season.

Hartmann’s Jewelry
Shamballa Jewels Signature Bracelets


Expressing the perfect synergy between bespoke and luxury, Shamballa designs custom pieces with the burning desire to revolutionize men’s jewelry. Their hand-braided bracelets and custom-made pieces created by brothers, Mads and Mikkel, are made using only the finest materials, a wide range of gemstones and various colors of gold.

We especially love the beaded bracelets featuring our ruby and sapphire Polar Spheres.

Amarin Jewels by Haneen

Amarin Jewels by Haneen

Riyadh – Saudi Arabia

Najd Collection – integrating the uniqueness, and richness of the Arabian culture into each whimsical design.

Launched in 2020 the jewelry collection featuring our beautiful gems was inspired by the heritage and architecture of the Najd routes and Saudi Arabia’s rich culture.

Including 13 pieces of gold jewelry, the prices for pieces in the collection range from $1700 to $5900.

Mademoiselle AD Jewelry

Mademoiselle AD

Inspired by our Greenlandic gems and driven by her commitment to responsible sourcing, French jewelry designer Mademoiselle AD created two collections, ‘Clémence’ and ‘The Lyli’ featuring our beads and diamond cuts. Inspired by flowers with an art-deco feel the Clémence ring features a ruby central stone surrounded by three small leaves paved with diamonds.

As a love note to her daughter, ‘The Lyli’ evokes through its design a marriage of duality that characterizes today’s modern woman.

Taylor & Hart

Sustainably sourced rubies that symbolize love for each other and for the earth. We’re thrilled to partner with Taylor & Hart to celebrate LOVE with their new Signature Rubies. Embedded on the inside band their engagement and wedding rings, each precious gem is a little secret between you and your partner. Taylor & Hart Signature Ruby serves as an intimate reminder of the love and attention that went into creating the perfect ring.

Just to add to the magic, you can have more than one Greenlandic ruby in your engagement ring – the choice is really yours!

Taylor & Hart Jewellery
FACET Jewelry

FACET Barcelona

With sustainability at its core, FACET’s classic jewelry collection is available only with the most exclusive Jewelers in Europe. The ‘Fire Under Ice’ collection includes 27 pieces adorned with diamonds and Greenlandic Rubies as the center stones and cast in recycled traceable gold with a CoC certificate (issued by RJC). 

Ask your local jewelry store if they carry the collection.  

Marla Aaron

Have you seen Marla Aaron’s new collection featuring our Greenlandic ruby and sapphire spheres? Full of independently rolling Greenlandic Ruby gems, the rings in the collection are a stunning example of Marla’s innovative design ideas coming to life.

Not to be unmatched, the Self-Involved Charms are here to fiddle with in so many ways. Born to hang from a Lock on your necklace you can get rolling with our Greenlandic gems!

Marla Aaron’s Rolling Spheres Collection
LoveFire & Polar Pink Collections

LoveFire and Polar Pink Jewelry Collection by ODI

Looking for the perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season? Inspired by the fiery arctic treasures from Greenland Ruby, the ‘LoveFire’ and ‘Polar Pink’ collections transform the oldest rubies and sapphires on earth into beautiful jewelry designs for every occasion and every customer.  


There is a special bond between Rubinia and rubies! Inspired by the fiery red of the Greenlandic gems, Rubinia expands its Filodellavita® collection with new styles, putting these icy treasures in the spotlight. Featuring sparkling rubies and pink sapphires, the signature jewelry is an ode to the power of LOVE.

Joined by love for life and a dedication to sustainability and the environment, Rubinia and Greenland Ruby take jewelry with a purpose to another level.

Rubinia Filodellavita® Collection


Based in Barcelona, Cervera Jewels introduced our Ruby, Pink Sapphire and Blue Sapphire Polar Spheres to their collection.

Featuring our 3 billion years old gems, the Sweet COCO and Sweet MYDREAMS collection encapsulate dreams and fantasy into a vivid amulet like bracelet, expressing your personallity.

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