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Discover the Fire Under Ice

From the World’s Oldest Gem Deposit

Unearthing gem-quality rubies and pink sapphires in Greenland was a cause for excitement, not only for their unusual location, but because these gems are believed to be the oldest on earth, at nearly 3 billion years old. Embedded in a remote, icy landscape, these beautiful gemstones are a recent discovery.

Discover the Color of Greenlandic Rubies & Pink Sapphires

Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires range in colors from what is described as ‘pigeon blood’ red in the industry, to light icy pink, shades of blue, smokey-purple and snow-white. Because of the nature of the material, cabochon cuts are often the preferred method of shaping these gems which are categorized as transparent, translucent, and opaque. Calibrated sizes are available in quantity and consistency, which nicely suits jewelry manufacturers. Single and ‘free-size’ gems scale up to 50 carats.

Greenland Ruby also produces a wide color-range of faceted gems in smaller quantities. Diamond Cuts are calibrated up to 3mm. 

Greenland Ruby pricing aligns with market values for similar gems of reputable origin.

In the Middle of Our Primal Mountains, There Is Red.

Greenland Rubies:
All Natural Beauty for Your Finest Designs

Greenland Ruby gems undergo heat treatment with borax to heal fractures and stabilize the stones. This is an industry standard that allows us to responsibly cut, polish and bring our gems to the marketplace. Treatment is done in Thailand, where the process has been practiced and perfected over generations. 

Mine-to-Market Traceability:
Truly Responsibly Sourced Rubies and Pink Sapphires

Greenland Ruby has introduced a formal mine-to-market track-and-trace inventory control system for our gems, which has been approved by the Greenlandic government.

  • Each parcel of rough material has a number, allocated at export from Greenland.
  • All the gems subsequently produced from that parcel are given their own individual number that link back to it.
  • These numbers remain with each gem through heat treatment, cutting, sorting and sales.

Certificate of Origin

Greenland Ruby gems come with a Certificate of Origin or Card of Authenticity, approved by the Government of Greenland.

The Certificate of Origin bears the gem’s unique identification number and gives information on color, weight, shape and dimension.

The Card of Authenticity gives proof origin and authenticates the rubies and pink sapphires from Greenland.

Learn More About Greenland Ruby’s Commitment to Responsible Sourcing

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