Buy a Ticket and Win Original ‘Fire Under Ice’ Painting

Greenland Ruby Enters the Metaverse with Ruby NFT

Buy a Ticket and Win Original ‘Fire Under Ice’ Painting by Reena Ahluwalia

What better way to end the summer than by winning the original ruby painting by Reena Ahluwalia! We are proud to celebrate our 5th anniversary and summer with this special Greenland Ruby x Reena Ahluwalia collaboration to show our singular gems in a new light!

GIF of Faceted Pink Polar Bear Walking across the ice in front of a large shimmering faceted Greenland Ruby
‘Fire Under Ice’ limited-edition NFT by Reena Ahluwalia

Greenland Ruby x Reena Ahluwalia

Inspired by the 3-billion-year journey of the Greenlandic gems, ‘Fire Under Ice’ original artwork and the limited edition NFTs bring together technology, innovation and the beauty of nature.

Your $150 ticket will go to the PinkPolarBear Foundation. Not only will your ticket be entered to win the original artwork, but you will also be GIFTED a limited-edition NFT of Reena’s masterpiece.

In keeping with Greenland Ruby’s mine-to-market initiative, our ‘Fire Under Ice’ NFTs will be registered in blockchain technology keeping public record of transactions, ownership history, and authenticity; a perfect match for Greenland Ruby’s dedication to traceability and transparency.

If you are looking to own your first NFT or are already passionate about owning digital art, don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity to grow your collection. You have 1 in 500 chance to win the coveted ‘Fire Under Ice’, valued at $10 000. Start your digital journey and enjoy a unique immersive experience!

Ruby NFTs Doing Good


Shining a light on Greenland Ruby’s unique gems, innovative approach and dedication to social responsibility, the limited ‘Fire Under Ice’ art NFT was created with the mission of giving back to the community at the source of these icy treasures.

“At its heart, my painting conveys the beauty of our natural world. I hope my artwork and NFT will remind donors of the significant contribution they made and keep inspiring everyone to protect and nurture our environment and inhabitants. This project is meaningful; I am honored and thankful to the PinkPolarBear Foundation and Greenland Ruby for this valuable opportunity.”

Reena Ahluwalia
Finished Fire Under Ice Painting by Reena Ahluwalia, featuring a pink faceted polar bear in the bottom left corner, a large faceted fuchsia ruby in the center and icy water and blue sky in the background
‘Fire Under Ice’ original painting on canvas by Reena Ahluwalia

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