FAQ - Greenland Ruby


Credit: Vincent Pardieu

Learn More About Purchasing Greenlandic Gems

There are multiple ways to buy Greenland Ruby gemstones:

  1. Through the company’s proprietary online ecommerce platform, RubyCloud. Click here
    Click here to create an account.
  2. Through contact directly with a member of the Greenland Ruby executive team at: info@greenlandruby.gl
  3. At various gem and jewelry shows around the world. Please keep an eye on our social media and website for details.
  4. Through sales platforms such as VDB and Gem + Jewel.

Please reach out to Greenland Ruby Sales and Product Development Manager, Aricie De Sainte Preuve at: aricie.preuve@greenlandruby.gl

Shipments are typically dispatched from our Bangkok office. Delivery can take up to a week to ten days once your order is placed, depending on your location. We will provide an airway bill tracking number. Greenland Ruby is not responsible for duties or taxes.

We are committed to keeping our customers happy. Please contact aricie.preuve@greenlandruby.gl for returns.  Payments will be credited.

No. Greenland Ruby only sells cut and polished rubies and pink sapphires. We offer both cabochon and faceted stones. Please click here to connect with our proprietary RubyCloud e-commerce platform to see our vast inventory of gems.

Learn About Certificates of Origin & Lab Reports

A Certificate of Origin is generated by Greenland Ruby to serve as each gems’ guarantee of its origin and authenticity.  A COO bears the number associated with every Greenland Ruby gem, originating back to the date of export from Greenland.

Every gem above 1ct comes with its own Certificate of Origin which describes the gem’s weight, color, dimensions, shape, and cutting style. Though our current clients have only requested our certificates on gems over one carat, Greenland Ruby has the ability to produce a tracking number for every stone, if a brand wishes to do so.

Don’t worry!  We can generate another Certificate of Origin for your gem and ship it to you!

Yes.  Gem laboratories that have done research on the Greenlandic material have assured us that the rubies and pink sapphires from Greenland have a specific ‘fingerprint’ and chemistry. These labs will state Greenland as ‘Origin’.  Laboratories that provide Greenlandic origin are:  GIA, Lotus, AGS, IGI

  1. Greenland Ruby adheres to strict human rights, labor, environmental, mining practice, and product disclosure practices, which reference the highest of Northern European standards.
  2. The company is also guided by its membership in the Responsible Jewellery Council, and agrees to its independent, third party audit of our responsible practices, which we are undergoing now.
  3. The Greenland Ruby mine at Aappaluttoq is located in an icy mountainous landscape surrounded by majestic fjords, at the bottom of a drained waterway. When mining is complete, water will be returned to the lake and the area will go back to its pristine natural state.
  4. As per the mining license issued by the Ministry of Mineral Resources in Greenland, Greenland Ruby adheres to a local Impact Benefit Agreement (IBM). See here for details
  5. Greenland Ruby employs a local Greenlandic workforce, of which 35% are women.
  6. All provisions at the mining operation are locally sourced.
  7. Greenland is an autonomous country of Denmark and has been transitioning since 2009 to eventually assume complete responsibility for its government, which is based on strict, Northern European models.

Greenland Ruby has introduced a formal mine-to-market, track-and-trace program for our gems, which has been approved by the Government of Greenland. The program is made possible by our customized inventory system.

Shortly after mining and initial sorting, Greenland Ruby gives each parcel of rough material a number. Then, all the gems produced from that parcel are given their own individual number linked to it. These numbers stay with each gem through treatment, cutting, and placement in jewelry.

To transform our gems to cut-and-polished masterpieces, all work is performed by contracted service providers, who adhere to our strict track-and-trace policies. This ensures each gem is accounted for at every step along the way. Then, the retailers, designers, and manufacturers of finished jewelry who use our gems can also pass on your gem’s unique number via our certificate of origin (generally on gems of one carat and above).

Like most rubies and sapphires, gems from our mine undergo standard heat treatment with borax, to bring out their best colors and increase their durability. No lead glass or other filler is ever added to our gems! The treatment increases our gems’ beauty by enabling the healing of minute fractures, created over billions of years and during the hard rock mining process. For more details, click here.

PinkPolarBear.org was founded and funded by Greenland Ruby and its partners. It supports international global research in all disciplines, with a focus on protecting the inhabitants (animal and human) of Greenland, who are affected by climate change and accompanying cultural changes.

Stay Informed on our gems, process and inventory: