Greenland Ruby x Reena Ahluwalia - Greenland Ruby

Greenland Ruby Enters the Metaverse with Ruby NFT

In honor of our 5th anniversary, join us in celebrating our unique Greenlandic gems and the community at the source.

Buy a ticket to win the ‘Rubies from Greenland – Fire Under Ice’ original artwork by Reena Ahluwalia and get a free limited edition animated NFT!

Proceeds will go to the PinkPolarBear Foundation.


We are proud to mark our 5th anniversary with a special Greenland Ruby x Reena Ahluwalia collaboration to show our singular gems in a new light! Inspired by the 3-billion-year journey of the Greenlandic gems, ‘Fire Under Ice’ original artwork and the limited edition NFTs bring together technology, innovation and the beauty of nature.

Your $150 ticket will go to the PinkPolarBear Foundation. Not only will your ticket be entered to win the original artwork, but you will also be GIFTED a limited-edition NFT of Reena’s masterpiece. In keeping with Greenland Ruby’s mine-to-market initiative, our ‘Fire Under Ice’ NFTs will be registered in blockchain technology keeping public record of transactions, ownership history, and authenticity; a perfect match for Greenland Ruby’s dedication to traceability and transparency.

If you are looking to own your first NFT or are already passionate about owning digital art, don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity to grow your collection. You have 1 in 500 chance to win the coveted ‘Fire Under Ice’, valued at $10 000. Start your digital journey and enjoy a unique immersive experience!

“As part of our anniversary celebration, we’re thrilled to be able to make such a grand contribution to the PinkPolarBear Foundation with a campaign both original and innovative. The original artwork on canvas, with 500 digital art NFTs is a spectacular contribution from Reena and we thank her for her incredible talent and generosity in making a tangible impact. Her depiction of our rubies in their icy landscape is perfect! There will be 500 winners, but with such a generous contribution, it will be the people of Greenland who will be the real benefactors. Happy Anniversary Greenland Ruby!”

– Hayley Henning, CCO of Greenland Ruby


Get the chance to win the original ‘Rubies from Greenland – Fire Under Ice’ painting by Reena Ahluwalia. Only 500 tickets available!

Shinning a light on Greenland Ruby’s unique gems, innovative approach and dedication to social responsibility, the limited ‘Fire Under Ice’ art NFT was created with the mission of giving back to the community at the source of these icy treasures.

Don’t miss out on owning the ‘Fire Under Ice’ NFT and becoming the lucky person to take the coveted original artwork home.

*NFT cannot be redeemed after the campaign ends and winner of Original painting is announced on October 30th.

“At its heart, my painting conveys the beauty of our natural world. I hope my artwork and NFT will remind donors of the significant contribution they made and keep inspiring everyone to protect and nurture our environment and inhabitants. This project is meaningful; I am honored and thankful to the PinkPolarBear Foundation and Greenland Ruby for this valuable opportunity.”

– Reena Ahluwalia

How to Participate!


Get your ticket to win the original ‘Fire Under Ice’ and receive a limited edition NFT.
Proceeds go to the PinkPolarBear Foundation.


Set up your Crypto Wallet
If you don’t already have a crypto wallet, get it by following the step-by-step instruction below.


Send your Crypto Wallet address to receive your NFT
We will contact you to submit your Crypto Wallet address in order to send your animated ‘Fire Under Ice’ NFT.

Winner of the original painting by Reena Ahluwalia will be announced in September.

Available for limited time only, May 16th 2022 to September 26th, 2022.

Reena Ahluwalia

Reena Ahluwalia is a multifaceted artist, an award-winning jewelry designer, painter, professor, NFT artist and a community builder.

Gemstones and diamonds are central in Reena’s paintings. Created in intense and vibrant colors, her art is an expression of nature and humanity’s inner brilliance and limitless potential. Coveted internationally by art collectors, Reena paints highly nuanced, hyper-realistic diamonds and gemstones with ultra-magnified facets. Her artwork is in the collection of distinguished collectors worldwide.


The PinkPolarBear Foundation

The PinkPolarBear Foundation is a Greenland Ruby initiative. A percentage of sales from each Greenland Ruby gem goes to the foundation, making contributions and sponsorships such as this possible. Greenland Ruby encourages partners and customers to make similar contributions.

The foundation is independently governed and is especially concerned with the effects of climate change on the environment; stimulating education, understanding the needs and supporting the inhabitants of Greenland, both animal and human, who are affected by accompanying cultural changes.

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