One-of-a-Kind Sapphires - Greenland Ruby

One-of-a-Kind Sapphires 

Greenland Ruby’s Northern Nights

Join us in celebrating September birthdays everywhere by shining a light on Sapphires! What better time to introduce Hartmann’s new Greenlandic Blue Sapphire jewelry collection featuring our unique ‘Northern Nights’ sapphires. 

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Greenland Sapphires by Hartmann’s

A Rare Find in the Raw Greenlandic Landscape

The icy and pristine Greenlandic landscape that plays host to our intense rubies and pink sapphires has recently exposed another surprise: blue sapphires! Imagine our wonder at discovering a blue spectrum amidst all that fiery red. Greenland Ruby blue sapphires are named ‘Northern Nights’ and are the exception rather than the rule. The colors of our ‘Northern Nights’ sapphires range from navy to lavender blue and are cut and polished by expert lapidaries into juicy and soft cabochons, giving them a peaceful, calm, and gentle color, just like the long and dark Greenlandic nights. These unique sapphires are an extremely rare find and are set aside in the sorting process.   

It is only obvious that after their incredible success with our rubies and pink sapphires, Hartmann’s would expand their collection to include our ‘Northern Nights’.  They unveiled their 60-piece collection last week at a glittering premiere in Copenhagen, with guest Martin Ghisler, the geologist who first identified and registered the Greenlandic ruby deposit. 

Hartmann’s Sapphire Collection – A World’s First

Exclusively launched with 500 customers in Copenhagen, the Greenland Blue Sapphire collection was introduced for the first time to a room full of excitement. Ulrik Hartmann, with guest Martin Ghisler passionately explained the journey each Greenlandic gem takes from the mine into the exquisite pieces created by Hartmann’s.  

“We have a very close collaboration with the mining company Greenland Ruby, and we have therefore had the opportunity to hand-pick the best blue sapphires from the Aappaluttoq Mine over the past year, and we are incredibly proud to pass on the Greenlandic gems to the Danish and international market in the world’s first jewelry collection with Greenlandic Sapphires.”

– Ulrik Hartmann, Owner of Hartmann’s Fine Jewellery 

Greenland Sapphires by Hartmann’s
Greenland Sapphires by Hartmann’s
Greenland Sapphires by Hartmann’s
Greenland Sapphires by Hartmann’s

The Scandinavian, classic and timeless design of the 60 jewelry pieces, give new life to these 3-billion-year-old icy treasures. The collection creates a balanced contrast between the raw and wild formation of these gems and the exquisite craftsmanship that exudes elegance and high quality.  

“We are excited to be the first jeweler ever to create a collection with Greenlandic Blue Sapphires.”

– Ulrik Hartmann, Owner of Hartmann’s Fine Jewellery

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