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Kitaa – Gemstones of Greenland

Greenlandic Heritage and Design

Fall in love with Greenlandic Gemstones and Modern Greenlandic Jewelry! 

We’re excited to introduce KITAA, a new Greenlandic collection of jewels that bring our responsible sourced rubies and pink sapphires to individuals around the world. 

Kitaa Logo – Inspired by Greenland
Kitaa Logo – Inspired by Greenland

Inspired by Greenland  

Kitaa was founded on the principles of Greenlandic design and craftmanship as well as Community, Sustainability, and Traceability.

Named after the geographical positioning of the ruby and pink sapphire mine in Aappaluttoq, Kitaa means ‘west’ in Greenlandic. The collection is a celebration of Greenland and its beauty; its aesthetic inspired by arctic sunsets in winter that shift from light pink to dark red, a reflection of the color spectrum of our gems. 

Another nod to the ethos of the collection is the logo that pays homage to the Greenlandic national costume, featuring the traditional bead necklace and fur accented cuffs.

Gemstones from Greenland

The rubies and pink sapphires from Greenland are the oldest on earth, believed by gemologists to be nearly 3 billion years old. Each gemstone brings to life its arduous journey through time and temperature which can be clearly seen in their unique inclusions. From deep red to icy pink, Kitaa offers rubies and pink sapphires in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. 

All our gems are mined adhering to Responsible Environmental Laws, Best Business Practices, Social and Human Rights Standards. Each gem is tracked and traced from the mine and comes with a Certificate of Origin, approved by the Government of Greenland. 

Let your imagination run wild and create your own piece of jewelry with our Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires. 

Greenlandic Jewelry Design

Jewelry in Greenland has transformed through the centuries, from small fish vertebrae to the pearl necklace/collar seen on the traditional costume today. Kitaa offers a limited collection of jewelry inspired by Greenlandic identity and designed on the island. 

Local designers and craftsmen participated in Kitaa’s design contest and Tupârna (Dubaarna) Simonsen and Camilla Lennert were selected to create their collection. Inspired by traditional Inuit tattoos or the majestic landscape of Greenland, each jewel is an ode to the heritage and beauty of the country. 

“In recent years, traditional Inuit tattoos have returned to our community. The idea of the designs comes from these tattoos.” 

– Camilla Lennert 
Camilla Lennert – Greenlandic Designer
Tupârna (Dubaarna) Simonsen – Greenlandic Designer 

“I am an elementary school teacher and very fond of design. The country that we live in, whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, always has something to offer. When I look out the window, I see a lake surrounded by mountains and when I open the window, I can hear streams. Greenland, where I grew up, has high mountains, and I have found it important to show this in my designs.”

– Tupârna (Dubaarna) Simonsen 

The Greenlandic rubies and sapphires have a unique color and clarity, which you will not find anywhere else in the world. When you select your favorite piece of jewelry, you will be able to pick the gemstone you prefer, creating a truly unique piece that we are sure you will love for it perfect imperfections.

Each piece of jewelry comes with a Card of Authenticity approved by the Government of Greenland. 

Jewelry by Tupârna (Dubaarna) Simonsen

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