The livin’ is easy and the light is extraordinary

What’s it like to be in Greenland in the summer? Most of us imagine the largest island in the world as ice-covered year-round. And for much of Greenland’s central ice cap, that’s still true!

Mountains and sea surrounding a Greeland town

But along the warmer coastline, and even inland somewhat, Greenland enjoys an exceptional summer, with the skies staying light for endless hours. In this year of limited travel for all, come with us on a vicarious trip to the location of Greenland Ruby’s ruby and sapphire mine – the beautiful island of Greenland!

Photo Credit: Christian Andersen

Land of the Midnight Sun

What would life be like if the skies never really got dark? In Greenland, you get to find out. Staying out late takes on a delightful twist when the sky is light, turning a mellow dim late into the night. It’s like being in a land of endless day for months on end. Energy levels pick up, and nighttime activities are bathed in a special glow.

At our Aappaluttoq mine, located near the coastline in southwestern Greenland, our work continues in shifts around the clock, and our workforce gets to enjoy many of the glories of being outside, too.

Greenlandic summer weather is what non-Arctic people would call “spring-like” most of the season, hovering around 50 degrees fahrenheit/10 degrees centigrade – only occasionally dipping below or rising above. The crisp air is immaculately clean.

Coastline of a Greeland body of waterCoastline of a Greeland body of water

Nature Abounds

Masses of orange, yellow, purple, and green wildflowers and herbs dot the land, and people gather berries and mushrooms. Because ice is still everywhere, there is a special sweet and brisk scent that can only be found in the Arctic in summer.

Fishing is exceptional this time of year. Rivers are teeming with Arctic char, and at times, you can catch trout swimming upstream. Greenland’s traditional pastime of hunting blossoms in summer, with musk ox and reindeer plentiful – herds have grown to a safe size that permits the sport. Other Greenlanders enjoy grouse hunting.

Sailing is magnificent and many people use the summer to explore the beautiful fjords that line the coast, where you might see seals or pass the eerily beautiful blue icebergs that occur when light hits compacted ice.

The island is a hiker’s dream in summer, with cool temperatures, bold rock formations, and extraordinary scenery. You can even take in the brilliant vistas of the ice cap when you hike inland. As you climb high up the mountainsides, it almost feels as though you could touch the sky.

Greenland is one of the few places on earth that remains mostly untouched and unaltered by humans. The grand silences of nature there bring a sense of inner peace like no other place.

Greenland Ruby’s Pledge to the Land

At the mine in Aappaluttoq, we take seriously our commitment to preserving this pristine location. Our mine site is located in an icy mountainous landscape surrounded by majestic fjords, at the bottom of a drained waterway. When we finish our work here, the waterway will be refilled, all equipment and buildings will be removed, and the site will be fully restored to its natural wilderness. It is our promise to the people of Greenland.

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Photo Credit: Christian Andersen

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