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Happy Birthday July Babies 

July is Ruby Month! Since the early 1900’s the signs of the zodiac, and more specifically months of birth, have been linked to gemstones. What better time to celebrate the enduring radiance and beauty of rubies than July? 

Gorgeous 15cts Greenlandic Ruby
Gorgeous 15cts Greenlandic Ruby

The Allure of Rubies

These dazzling red gems are considered one of the rarest of the world’s most precious gemstones. Ruby’s brilliant radiance has captured the imagination of human beings throughout time. Early cultures treasured these marvelous gemstones for their similarity to the redness of blood that flows through our veins, believing rubies held the power of life.

This fascination has created a host of legends and lore over the centuries, from Hindus and Chinese ornamenting their armor to bestow protection, Greeks who considered that rubies are the zest of life, Burmese who adorned their bodies with bright rubies to grant invulnerability, up to the present day’s interconnectivity between these gems and the power of love. 

How Rubies are Formed

Rubies are made from the mineral corundum and form naturally under the Earth’s surface over millions of years. This process only happens under specific conditions though; time, temperature and pressure making the development of these vibrant gems possible. No wonder they’ve captured the imagination of humans around the world! 

The rubies in Greenland are found in a hard-rock deposit considered by geologists as one of the oldest on the planet. Our gems have a unique journey and came to life through the erosion of the hard rock by ice and grinding of the rocks over 3 billion years.  

Rubies and sapphires surprisingly share the same chemical composition, their difference is given by the trace element, chromium, from which the gems get their color. Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires range in colors from what is described as ’pigeon blood’ red in the industry, to light icy pink, shades of smokey-purple and snow-white. 

Different rubies next to each other in a row
Rubies from Greenland Ruby


While rubies have been around since the beginning of human history, the introduction of a new and responsible source of the rarest and most precious of all the gems will bring a fresh approach to the market. Being a new mining operation allowed Greenland Ruby to begin setting up industry-standards in terms of traceability, sustainability and transparency.  

RubyCloud™ represents the conversion of all the vision, values and commitment of Greenland Ruby to bring our rubies and pink sapphire to the market in a responsible way. RubyCloud™ is our online B-to-B marketplace accessible 24/7 and constantly updated as each new Greenland Ruby gem becomes available for sale, offering thousands of rubies and pink sapphires, and featuring 360-degree video views and high-quality, “true-to-the-eye” photos. 

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