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Greenland Ruby Welcomes Hartmann’s as the First Brand to Launch a Collection Featuring Greenlandic Gems

Hartmann’s Jewellery is a Danish retailer also representing luxury brands such as the Argyle Pink Diamond Collection and Boucheron.

November 15, 2018 — Greenland Ruby, Greenland’s only miner of ruby and pink sapphire, has announced that Hartmann’s Jewellery, an exclusive Danish luxury brand, is introducing a collection of jewels using Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires. Hartmann’s is known for its expertise in selling the most exclusive gems in the world.

The Hartmann’s collection features more than 50 pieces of Greenlandic ruby and pink sapphire jewelry using a total of approximately 300 carats of rubies and pink sapphires. It was designed by Hartmann’s design team, and the prices range from $1,500 – $45,000. The collection is currently available in Scandinavia.

“Though other designers have worked with our gems, Hartmann’s is the first jewelry brand to create an entire collection,” says Greenland Ruby VP Sales and Marketing Hayley Henning. “We’re especially delighted to welcome a Danish retailer as our first full partner, given Denmark’s long relationship with Greenland.”

Greenland, the world’s largest island and least densely populated country, has been politically associated with the European countries of Norway, Denmark, and Iceland for over 1,000 years, after Viking explorer Erik the Red established the first European colony there in 985. Today the island is an autonomous country of Denmark and has been transitioning since 2009 to assume complete responsibility for most of its government.

Ulrik Hartmann, founder and owner of Hartmann’s, visited Greenland Ruby’s Aappaluttoq mine near the southeast coast of Greenland in August, with Danish television cameraman Michel van Steenwijk, to record his historic visit. Hartmann’s campaign to introduce Greenland Ruby’s rubies and pink sapphires this fall includes video and still photography of the pristine arctic scenery he experienced on his visit, which he is sharing on his website and social media (addresses below).

Hartmann traveled to Aappaluttoq by water from Greenland’s capital, Nuuk. The four-hour boat journey is only possible in summer, due to Greenland’s arctic climate. Along the way, he witnessed massive icebergs carved with the effects of wind, rain, sunshine, and the splashing waves, and magnificent scenery.

“The idea that corundum formed beneath this incredible landscape three billion years ago intrigued me,” says Hartmann. “Introducing this new source of ruby and pink sapphire, while also honoring its isolated, rare, and unique setting, will be a pleasure.”

Hartmann’s is known for its special and deep expertise in natural diamonds – especially colored diamonds. It is one of only three retailers in Europe to carry the title, “Argyle Pink Select Atelier,” for its Argyle Pink Diamond Collection, and it hosted the world premiere of the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender in 2016, showcasing some of the rarest diamonds in the world. Hartmann’s, a retail member of the Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA), is also the sole distributor of Boucheron’s luxury branded jewelry and timepieces in Scandinavia.

In addition, Hartmann’s plans to focus on the fact that Greenland Ruby gems are mined by adhering to strict ethical, social, human rights, and environmental laws and responsible practices, where local mining and gem sorting work forces enjoy all the protections and working conditions guaranteed by Greenlandic law.

Greenland Ruby gems come with a certificate of origin authorized and issued by the Government of Greenland, guaranteeing that the gems are mined in a country that has an excellent human rights record, is environmentally responsible, and boasts a stable government and economy.

Hartmann’s Greenlandic rubies and pink sapphires can also be tracked along every step of their journey, from the mine to the store. The brand also supports Greenland Ruby’s Pink Polar Bear Foundation, an initiative created to support international polar research in all disciplines, especially protecting the inhabitants (animal and human) of Greenland, who are affected by climate change and accompanying cultural changes.

“Greenland is fast becoming known internationally as a responsible source of gem quality ruby and pink sapphire,” says Greenland Ruby’s CEO Magnus Kibsgaard. “Our team has spent 2018 meeting with prospective clients, attending gem and jewelry trade shows around the world, and hosting visits like Ulrik’s to our mine site in Aappaluttoq. We’re honored that the year is culminating in Hartmann’s new collection.”

Greenland Ruby’s other hosted mine visits have included journalists for InColor, a publication of the International Colored Gemstone Association; and the magazines Journal of Gemmology and Gems & Jewellery, both produced by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. Other gemologists’ visits to Aappaluttoq have included personnel from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the Gübelin Gem Lab, and Lotus Gemology.

Greenland Ruby executives have also conducted formal presentations at the International Colored Gemstone Association’s ICA Congress in Jaipur; and the World Ruby Forum in Bangkok.

In November, Greenland Ruby and its Pink Polar Bear Foundation will help sponsor the 2018 Arctic Futures Symposium in Brussels, Belgium, hosted by the International Polar Foundation. VP Sales and Marketing Hayley Henning will speak at the event about the Greenland Ruby mine. The IPF supports polar scientific research for the advancement of knowledge, the promotion of informed action on climate change, and the development of a sustainable society. The Pink Polar Bear Foundation has formed a partnership with IPF, so that it can make a difference in the lives of both human and animal species who are affected by climate change. The foundation has also met with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources. Its collaboration with established Greenlandic institutions is key to Greenland Ruby’s commitment to the country and region where it operates.

About Greenland Ruby

Greenland Ruby was established in October 2016 when the Greenlandic government granted its parent company, the LNS Group of Norway, the exploitation license for the Aappaluttoq corundum mine in southeastern Greenland. Greenland Ruby’s sister company, LNS Greenland, is the mine operator. The mine opened in May, 2017. Greenland Ruby will act as the marketing portal for promotion and sales of its rubies and pink sapphires, with sales and marketing operations based in New York, NY, USA. Greenland Ruby has offices in New York; Bangkok; Copenhagen; Nuuk, Greenland; and Mo I Rana, Norway.

About Hartmann’s Jewellery

Ulrik Hartmann’s passion for jewels started in 1987 when he worked in the auction industry with precious jewelry. After a decade of gaining solid knowledge and experience with the subject, Hartmann decided to open his own business in 1997 in Bredgade, one of the most prominent streets in Copenhagen for luxury, art, and Danish design. Hartmann’s quickly became positioned as one of the leading jewelers in Scandinavia, with a special and deep expertise in natural color diamonds. Hartmann’s is known as one of only three retailers in Europe to carry the title, “Argyle Pink Select Atelier,” for its Argyle Pink Diamond Collection. Hartmann’s is a retail member of the Natural Color Diamond Association (NCDIA) and is also the sole distributor of Boucheron jewelry and timepieces in Scandinavia.

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