Greenland Ruby Celebrates Jewelry Design

Jewelry Design in the Spotlight with Greenland Ruby at VicenzaOro

IED Roma Jewelry Thesis Achievements and IHEARTYOU Awards Winners Announced

January 22nd, 2023: Greenland Ruby recognised Jewelry Designers from all over the world in two presentations over the weekend at the prestigious VicenzaOro Gem Jewelry and Watch show in Italy. Awards of Achievement were presented to four IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) Jewelry Design Students, Class of 2022 as well as the winner of Greenland Ruby’s recent IHEARTYOU Design Awards.

Greenland Ruby x IED Roma Design Winners

Greenland Ruby x IED Roma Design Projects

In close partnership with, and sponsored by Greenland Ruby, IED Roma jewelry design 3rd year students submitted their thesis projects showcasing the rubies and pink sapphires from Greenland. The thesis project was coordinated and managed by Barbara Brocchi, IED Jewelry Design Coordinator and Icaro Carlos, Creative Director of Greenland Ruby and jewelry designer.

The projects were completed in Fall 2022 and showcased each student’s extensive knowledge of the Greenlandic gems, their interest in responsible and sustainable resources, as well as their incredible design abilities. Developed over a few months, the projects included two jewelry lines: a classic women’s jewelry collection and an innovative jewelry line both using the rubies and pink sapphires from Greenland to highlight responsible sourcing, the relationship with nature and their dedication to the cool, radiant, sophisticated and dynamic woman of today.

“Working with a sustainable gem mining operation was a unique opportunity for the 3rd year students of the Design Course. Their projects developed with passion, dedication and attention to detail throughout their research. The result of their creativity was 4 amazing jewelry collections that gave life to the rubies from Greenland. These icy gems have never been so hot!” said Barbara Brocchi outside the Greenland Ruby booth at the VicenzaOro show.

The IED school is one of the most prestigious in the world, and the most well-known traditional design school in Italy. Special thanks to Anna Tessarin, Antonia Ascolillo, Giorgia Rossi and Igor Quagliata for their dedication and commitment that fulfilled their jewelry design thesis.

IHEARTYOU Awards Winner

Greenland Ruby’s IHEARTYOU Awards Winner

Greenland Ruby was thrilled to have announced the winners of the first edition of the IHEARTYOU Awards! 

“More than 50 submissions from all over the world made a sensational selection to choose the winner from”, says Hayley Henning Greenland Ruby CCO.  “Thank you to both Barbara Brocchi and Icaro Carlos for their co-ordination and support. Thank you too, to all the young and/or aspiring jewelry designers who submitted their beautiful work in short time. The future of our industry lies in these fresh, young and creative minds.”   

Congratulations goes to Antonio Ascolillo, Michela Magnani,  Giogiana Bressaglia for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places respectively, and a special mention to Emma Calce. 

In tune with Pantone’s new Color of the Year 2023  - Magenta, Greenland Ruby is celebrating all things PINK, especially with their pink sapphire cabochon hearts, which were the focus of the IHEARTYOU Awards. Dedicated to up-and-coming designers and jewelry design students, the contest challenged applicants to design a jewelry collection with love in mind that speaks to a new generation of jewelry lovers whose commitment to sustainability aligns with Greenland Ruby’s.   

The 1st place winner received $1000.  All submissions will be showcased on the company`s social media platforms throughout February, the month of love!    

Stay tuned for the second edition of the IHEARTYOU Awards which will run from September 2023 to January 2024. 

About Greenland Ruby  

Greenland Ruby is a responsible source of rubies and pink sapphires. Located in the southwest of Greenland, the gems from this location are believed to be the oldest on earth.  Greenland Ruby gems are produced under the strictest human rights, labor, environmental, mining and product disclosure standards and  are tracked along every step of their journey from mine-to-market.  Each gem comes with a Greenland Ruby Certificate of Origin or Card of Authenticity. Greenland Ruby is an RJC member. 

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