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In Reverence of Nature

Earth Day and Sustainability

The season of awakening! April rings the bells for spring in the northern hemisphere as the cherry trees begin to blossom and nature wakes up from the long winter months of hibernation. This Earth Day we get to celebrate more than just the revival of nature as the world starts to emerge from lockdowns and isolation. With longer days and warmer weather, as nature comes back to life we are reminded of the bond we have with all that surrounds us, our friends and family, as well as our Mother Earth.  

Join us on a journey from Earth Day to sustainability our commitment to the future! This Earth Day is specifically significant for us, as we celebrate the new an iconic design by Pomellato.

NUVOLA RUBY ring in Fairmined gold with Greenland Ruby
NUVOLA RUBY ring in Fairmined gold with Greenland Ruby

NUVOLA RUBY by Pomellato

Pomellato celebrates Earth Day 2021 with a sustainable, new jewel, crafted from Fairmined gold and a responsibly mined and fully traceable Greenland Ruby.  

The free-spirited Nuvola collection is Pomellato’s alternative interpretation of the classic solitaire ring. Launched in 2018, each of the components in the Nuvola range is carefully sourced to ensure full traceability of the supply chain, from mine to finished jewel, highlighting Pomellato’s commitment to sustainability. For 2021 the Maison adds to previous diamond versions with the arrival of a new solitaire ring showcasing a deep red, responsibly sourced Greenland Ruby. 

3 billion years in the making, from one of the oldest rock formations on Earth, into the new NUVOLA RUBY by Pomellato. We’re thrilled to see our exquisite Greenlandic Ruby in Pomellato’s iconic design! This majestic jewel is a beautiful celebration of their (and our!) ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Earth Day

With the backing of grassroots movements, activist John McConnell proposed at the UNESCO Conference in San Francisco in 1969 a day to honor Earth and peace. Since the ‘70 April 22 has become synonymous with nature and the environment, as people globally celebrate Earth Day and their continuous care for the planet we inhabit. The same day is also recognized as International Mother Earth Day since 2009, though many cultures around the world have been celebrating the Earth for thousands of years.

As UNESCO declared in their statement: “Let’s remind more than ever that we need a shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet. Let’s promote harmony with nature and the Earth.”

The sun shining on the largest island on Earth, Greenland!
The sun shining on the largest island on Earth, Greenland!
Two people kayaking in GreenlandTwo people kayaking in Greenland

Greenland and Nature

The mighty landscapes of Greenland with never-ending fjords, dramatic mountains and alluring whitecaps have always been an important part of the Greenlandic culture. Though most would consider it an unforgiving environment, the Inuit peoples of Greenland and their descendants have thrived in communion with nature. Through time their cultural identity became synonymous with the geography and natural environment of the Arctic.

The Greenlandic roots are an incredible mix of various immigrating peoples and their ability to adapt to the Arctic challenges on the world’s largest island. The harsh environment didn’t deter the people settling there, but rather provided them with sustenance; today the fishing industry in Greenland is very important to the national economy and the local food supply.

Greenland is one of the few places on earth that remains mostly untouched and unaltered by humans. The grand silences of nature bring a sense of inner peace like no other place on earth.

Sustainability & Giving Back

At Greenland Ruby, we are firm about our commitment to preserving the pristine location of our mine, which is located in a drained waterway amidst an icy mountainous landscape and surrounded by majestic fjords. Upon completion of our work there, the drained aqueduct will be refilled, all equipment and buildings will be removed, and the site will be fully restored to its natural wilderness.

In July 2019, the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) released a revised Code of Practices, which for the first time included ruby, emerald, and sapphire gemstones. The standards define essential social, human rights, environmental, and ethical operations within the Industry and Greenland Ruby was able to become the first Colored Gemstone Mining Member.

In addition to our commitment to the environment from where our rare and gorgeous gems originate, we also set up the PinkPolarBear Foundation which contributes towards education and international polar research into the effects of climate change in the Arctic region, particularly Greenland. A percentage of all sales from all gems, goes toward the Foundation and we encourage all our partners to do the same.

A mine in Greenland
Greenland Ruby Appalutoq mine site and processing plant
Credit: Vincent Pardieu

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