Greenland Ruby x Facet Jewellery Collection

Greenland Ruby x FACET Launch First Classic Jewellery

October 18, 2022: Three renowned businesses join forces on the road to sustainability with the launch of a unique collection of jewellery pieces that can only be found with the most exclusive Jewellers in Europe. 

Rubies from Greenland in the Spotlight

Yes, that’s right, we are talking about rubies mined in the southwest of this arctic island in a region called Aappaluttoq (meaning “Red” in Greenlandic) around 150 km from Nuuk, the capital. These rubies are responsibly extracted, adhering to the strictest human rights, labour, environmental, mining and product disclosure practices throughout each step of the supply chain. For this reason, the mine has been recognized as the newest source of responsible rubies in the world.

FACET, a Spanish company, is considered one of the champions of sustainability in this sector and a significant driving force in responsible manufacturing. Together with Tracemark and Greenland Ruby, FACET is launching a collection of the most sustainable classic jewellery in the world with the oldest rubies to date (nearly 3 billion years old according to expert geological studies).

FACET also contributes to the PinkPolarBear Foundation, an independent non-profit created by Greenland Ruby and their partners to support all aspects of international polar research. The foundation is especially concerned with the effects of climate change on the environment, stimulating education, understanding the needs, and supporting the inhabitants of Greenland, both animal and human who are affected by the accompanying cultural changes.

“Once again, FACET takes a step forward towards a sustainable and responsible industry with a new alliance with Tracemark and Greenland Ruby. This collaboration symbolises our commitment to changing the industry towards one that is more transparent, responsible, and innovative.”

– José Miguel Serret, CEO de FACET.


The exclusive 27-piece collection ‘FIRE UNDER ICE’ is made up of solitaire rings, pendants and earrings with diamonds and Greenlandic Rubies as the centre stones of these pieces – completely traceable and with a Certificate of Origin – with recycled traceable gold with a CoC certificate (issued by RJC).

Thanks to the technology Tracemark offers, the end consumer can scan their QR code and obtain fully audited information about every step in their jewels and components’ journey, from extraction to ownership.

About Tracemark

Tracemark is a worldwide standard of traceability in jewellery that provides certified traceability and auditing of each piece of jewellery to guarantee that all human rights have been respected along the jewellery supply chain.


Founded in 1987 and now established as a leading international company in the production of sustainably jewellery. FACET manufactures all their pieces with passion and professionalism, working exclusively with responsibly obtained materials. The combination of the experience of its artisan jewellers with technology and innovation, contributes to the added value of each piece and guarantees high-quality products with over 2.000 satisfied customers.

FACET has two manufacturing facilities; Bombay (India), since 2005, and another in Cordoba (Spain), established in 2020. Both facilities are audited and certified by the COP and CoC Responsible Jewellery Council.

FACET’s core values are focused on sustainable development, which has positioned this Spanish company as a leading inspiration in the responsible and ethical jewellery sector.

About Greenland Ruby  

Greenland Ruby is a responsible source of rubies and pink sapphires. Located at the oldest corundum deposit on earth, the mine operates a high-tech processing operation. Greenland Ruby gems are produced under the strictest human rights, labor, environmental, mining and product disclosure standards. Each Greenland Ruby gem is traceable from mine-to-market and comes with a Greenland Ruby Certificate of Origin or Card of Authenticity.  

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