Greenland Ruby Launches E-Commerce

Greenland Ruby Launches RubyCloud™, its State-of-the-Art Virtual Showroom

January 26, 2022: Ruby and pink sapphire mining company, Greenland Ruby, has launched RubyCloud™, a real-time live inventory feed developed by GemCloud™, which creates proprietary software platforms. RubyCloud™, which is trademarked, offers jewelry manufacturers, designers, and retailers first access to an extensive inventory of cut and polished, responsibly sourced gems from Greenland.

Greenland Ruby’s new online marketplace is accessible 24/7 and is constantly updated as each new gem becomes available for sale, offering thousands of rubies and pink sapphires, and featuring 360-degree video views and high-quality, “true-to-the-eye” photos.

Companies and Jewelry Designers interested in accessing Greenland Ruby’s full inventory and prices on RubyCloud™ can create an account online, after which prices will be revealed. “Greenland Ruby has entered a new digital era of gemstone dealing, and one which I truly believe to be an Industry game-changer,” says Greenland Ruby CCO Hayley Henning.

“In what I also believe to be yet another first for our company, we are excited to be able to display our entire inventory online, and ship to almost every corner of the globe. RubyCloud™ has been in the works for quite some time, but the last 2 years have really proved that a digital inventory viewing and buying platform is a necessity. RubyCloud™ will allow each and every gemstone from Greenland Ruby to be searched and ‘seen,’ giving our customers the opportunity to make selections and purchases according to their jewelry collections and/or design requirements.”

RubyCloud™ is specifically designed to fit Greenland Ruby’s mine-to-market strategy. The company has digitalized its entire inventory and is able to map the journey of every gem, from the mine in Greenland to the online marketplace, at a time when consumers are increasingly asking for evidence that gems are responsibly sourced. (Greenland Ruby also recently announced that they are the first colored gemstone miner to become a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council).

Greenland Ruby will be at the AGTA GemFair in Tucson (1-6 Feb) to demonstrate their RubyCloud™. You can go directly to the RubyCloud™ platform and register to browse through thousands of rubies and pink sapphires from Greenland.

About GemCloud 

GemCloud is a tech company focused on digitalizing the colored gemstone industry with its business management software. The signature product is a state-of-the-art inventory management software that allows syncing to B2B platforms and e-retailers, through a system of verification of both the vendor and the gemstones, to provide a reliable feed with consistent imagery.

About Greenland Ruby  

Greenland Ruby is a responsible source of rubies and pink sapphires. Located at the oldest corundum deposit on earth, the mine operates a high-tech processing operation. Greenland Ruby gems are produced under the strictest human rights, labor, environmental, mining and product disclosure standards. Each Greenland Ruby gem is traceable from mine-to-market and comes with a Greenland Ruby Certificate of Origin or Card of Authenticity.  

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