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Get to Know RubyCloud™

Our 24/7 Online Marketplace for Jewelry & Gemstone Professionals 

Greenland Ruby has entered a new digital era with RubyCloud™, our online marketplace accessible 24/7 to jewelry designers and industry professionals only. It offers thousands of responsibly sourced rubies and pink sapphires and features 360-degree video views and high-quality, “true-to-the-eye” photos, with inventory constantly updated as each new gem becomes available.

Haven’t used RubyCloud™ yet? Read on to learn all the benefits you will enjoy when you register.

Thousands of Rubies & Pink Sapphires Right Where & When You Need Them

With RubyCloud™, you have access to Greenland Ruby’s entire inventory online, allowing you to make selections and purchase according to your jewelry collections or design requirements. Imagine being able to view thousands of rubies and pink sapphires, all from the comfort of your home or office. Now you can! 

Finding Your Perfect Gemstone

There’s no need to second guess with RubyCloud™. The filters allow you to find that perfect gemstone, and you can sort by gem type, color, shape, and weight. RubyCloud™’s 360-degree video views and high-quality, “true-to-the-eye” photos leave nothing to chance. You know exactly what you are buying.

You will also have access to your gems’ Certificate of Origin or Card of Authenticity, authenticating its journey from the mine into your hands. 

Mine-to-Market Traceability

RubyCloud™ is specifically designed to fit Greenland Ruby’s mine-to-market strategy. We have digitalized our entire inventory and we map the journey of every gem, from the mine in Greenland to the online marketplace. We stand firm in offering our clients total transparency in our sourcing and commit to responsibly mined gemstones and the preservation of the pristine location of our mine.

We’re passionate about sharing insight on how our rubies and pink sapphires are mined, cut, polished and, more importantly, how they become a feature in your jewelry. Each gem comes with a Certificate of Origin, or Card of Authenticity which removes the mystery by tracing each gem back to its source.

Order Risk-Free

When you register for RubyCloud™, you are able to browse all our gems, add rubies and pink sapphires to your Gem Tray, and purchase online risk-free with a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can feel confident about your purchase.

With RubyCloud™, jewelry professionals can take their designs to the next level from the comfort of their computers. Find the perfect ruby or pink sapphire for your next piece and feel good about your purchase knowing that it’s responsibly sourced, traceable, and completely risk-free. This is a game-changer in the gemstone trade. Join us on this journey.

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