Andreea Predescu, Author at Greenland Ruby


What’s not to love about these exquisite gems? Commonly known to be blue, sapphires actually come in a variety of colors; they can be colorless, yellow, green, orange, black, purple, pink and everything in between. The most sought after and valuable colors are pure velvety blue or orange-pink (known as Padparadscha).  

The Odyssey of a Greenlandic Gem 

Colored Gemstones have always fascinated us! There’s something so mysterious, and also unbelievable, when you think of what it took for our Earth to create such Treasures. Some buried underground, some found in shallow waters or streams, some scattered in sandy plains or rocky outcrops – we’re all enticed by a gemstone’s color, beauty and radiance.

Innovating the Gemstone Industry

People all over the globe have traded gemstones since time immemorial. Imagine a hunter-gatherer seeing a sparkling pebble in the stream and being immediately captivated by its glow and color! Over the centuries, human beings have always shown curiosity and interest in nature’s precious gems, and monetary and trading values became associated with these tiny treasures.

In Reverence of Nature

This Earth Day we get to celebrate more than just the revival of nature as the world starts to emerge from lockdowns and isolation. With longer days and warmer weather, as nature comes back to life we are reminded of the bond we have with all that surrounds us, our friends and family, as well as our Mother Earth.

Join us on a journey from Earth Day to sustainability our commitment to the future! This Earth Day is specifically significant for us, as we celebrate the new an iconic design by Pomellato.

March is for Women

After months of hibernation, March brings rebirth, renewal and awakening to the Northern Hemisphere. Keeping in sync with the symbolism of Spring, March 8th is celebrated around the world as International Women’s Day, a time of reflection and commemoration of the contributions made by women today and throughout history. It is a time to justly give prominent female figures their spotlight.


Happy New Year! With the bar being set really low, 2021 can only be off to a great start, and one we’ve declared of healing and great global love! If we learned anything from 2020, it’s that love for one another will keep us safe and take us over the finish line of these unprecedented times.


The end of the year is special for countless cultures and peoples around the world – all our positive energy and the things that bring us together throughout the year, make the month of December miraculous! From Saint Nicholas Day and Christmas, to St. Lucia Day, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, Omisoka and many others, families and loved ones look forward to gathering at this time of year to celebrate.